Add Vinegar To Your A/C Condensate Drain Line To Help Keep It Clog Free

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PUMPNFREE - A Simple, Safe & Smart Solution

Common Repair

A clogged condensate drain line is one of the most common reasons homeowners need to call in for professional repair for their A/C system. However, many homeowners don't realize the problem is usually avoidable with regular care and maintainence. 

Keep It Clog Free

Many HVAC repair professionals recommend to use vinegar, which acts as an algaecide in A/C condensate lines to keep them free from clogging algaecide, mold and mildew. Used periodicly, this will reduce the chances of condensate line clogging. 

But How Do You Do It

Adding vinegar yourself with a funnel and bottle may be unsafe, especially if your air handler is located in the attic.  No more accessing the attic to treat the A/C condensate line with vinegar. Just a couple of simple pumps from the PumpnFree bottle to add vinegar to your A/C condensate line to keep it clog free. PumpnFree can also be used with closet and garage air handler locations for funnel free convenience as well. Repeat application twice a month for best results.

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About Pump 'N Free

How It Works

 Pump 'n Free is a unique alternative vinegar application system. It eliminates the need to access the attic with a funnel and vinegar bottle to pour vinegar directly into your condensate drain line. It is a safe, easy and convenient way to add vinegar from a save location such as a garage into condensate drains. For convenience, 'Pump N Free' can also be used with most units located in other areas such as garages and closets. Vinegar is pumped from a gallon bottle containing a hand pump through vinyl tubing to the injector assembly located at the condensate drain clean out access port. Simply place the bottle in a safe and convenient location to 'Pump' vinegar up to the injection assembly to disburse vinegar into the condensate drain line to keep it 'Free' of line clogging algae, mold & mildew.  

Funnel Free

 If you don’t have a HVAC maintenance agreement and you maintain your condensate drain line with vinegar yourself,  Pump 'n Free is right for you!  Blocked condensate drain lines can be costly to unclog and fix internal water damage. Injecting vinegar, which acts as an algaecide, into the condensate drain line on a regular basis will eliminate line blocking mold, mildew and algae which will reduce the chance of condensate drain clogging.  Direct access to the condensate drain line with funnels and bottles is no longer needed. Ideal for evaporators/air handlers located in the attic but can be used with most units located in garages and closets for convenience. All that is needed is a condensate drain line clean out access port . Avoid costly service calls by maintaining  your condensate drain line with Pump N Free on a regular basis to keep your condensate drain line clog free. 

Quality, Safe & Cost Efficient

 The Pump 'n Free Injection System is made from high quality materials and components for long lasting operation. Keep your condensate drain line free of mold, mildew and algae for the cost of a bottle of white household vinegar. Will NOT harm pipes or environment. Comes with 10 or 25 feet of tubing with fast and easy installation instructions. All you need is one! 

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